OMG–Potheads were right about Phone Taps

2012-04-28 18.57.09Alternatively, this post could have titled “But If I Try To Film a Cop, I get busted”.

I would welcome you to total information awareness, but didn’t everybody already know this? Of course we were being watched. It’s just if you admitted it, you got your head gear fitted by Reynolds Aluminum. Guess what? We were right. Remember EVERY STEP YOU TAKE, by the band THE POLICE? Get it yet?
I live with it. If I’m not on some watch list, I failed as a writer. My books presaged a lot of this stuff. I would take it as progress. However, time spent watching me is time wasted. If this worked The Boston Bombings wouldn’t have happened. Watching everybody is ridiculous, as well as illegal.
So why do it? Theory? Honest people are not suspicious of others as much as crooks are. If you are scamming people, you project your motivation onto others. The US government is lying about a lot. Start with JFK, then 911, WMDs, the list goes on. The government is scared of its people, so they snoop.
What to do? Well, R-on Paul and Jesse Ventura in 2016. Now, why write “R-on Paul”? Why not Wrong Paul? SEE, my phone just autocorrected it again. I can’t write Wrong Paul. I have to write R-on Paul. The sheer pettiness of The New World Order will be their downfall. Want to know why I don’t plot against The State? Because, a police Order which won’t let me type Doctor Paul’s name can’t last. The center cannot hold.

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One Response to OMG–Potheads were right about Phone Taps

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    One of my favorite bands in the world is The Police. I still remember Every Breath You Take. Great song!

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